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Our Mission

Founded by 4-time Emmy nominee Producer / Songwriter Jill Nesi, Stand Up and Speak Out (SUSO) is committed to raising awareness about the bullying epidemic around the world by building connection and empathy through the arts.

Her Song, a musical about the lasting impact that bullying and mean behavior can have on children, highlights the severity of an issue that many of our children face. The Showcase version of the musical, which is performed throughout communities for students and the public at large, addresses the lasting effects that exclusion and negativity can have, and informs kids about ways in which they can stand up and speak out together.

SUSO partners with leading state, national, and global institutions to braid the arts with best practices on social and emotional skills building to help young people lead in a more connected and empathic world.

STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT is the message we all need to hear - and, the call to action to relational kindness, we all need to follow. The teens who raise their (fantastic) voices to sing that message, are truly inspirational.

The group left their audience in awe of how a few songs, sung by albeit very talented teens, could communicate about student life with such clarity and emotional impact.We plan to include them in other events in NYC and will look for opportunities to collaborate in our initiative to make Conn the first emotionally intelligent state.

Dr. Robin Stern

Associate Director

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Dear Jill,

Thank you very much for the wonderful preformance of Stand Up and Speak Out, at Platt High School. From the beginning of the process at the Legislative Office Building, we recognized that your message, and the format to include students as the voice, aligned tightly with our values and practices in the Meriden Public Schools. Your willingness to partner with us and inclusion of Platt High School students made SUSO and even more impactful presentation during the seemblies in our schools.

Some of the feedback from staff were powerful testimonies of the message. The Different characters resonated with the students and staff in attendance. Students identified with both the bully and the victim. "Her Song" along with our Restorative Practices at Platt High School are showing students positive ways to that they can stand up and speak out against all types of bullying.

We especially found the message very powerful for the elementary school children. Many who attended have gone back to their home schools with the message of empowerment. When students hear from other students, the message resonates in a special way. We are confident that the presentations in Meredin will have a lasting impact!

Dr. Miguel A. Cardona

Assistant Superintendents

Meriden Public Schools

Hello Friend,

The Connecticut Commission on Women, Children and Seniors along with Stand Up and Speak Out CT, are working together to help foster a positive school climate for children and youth throughout Connecticut by building empathy through the arts. The goal of our partnership is to raise awareness about the critical importance of learning social etiquette and empowering youth leaders across our state and our nation.  By leading with kindness, our youth can learn to combat negativity and exclusion which has reached epidemic proportions in our country. Building evidence-based programs is a way to reach those that have been affected.

Her Song, a musical about the effects of bullying, will be performed throughout Connecticut in 2017 and 2018. The musical highlights the severity of an issue that many children face today, through entertainment and education. It addresses the effects that exclusion and negativity have on our youth, and informs students about ways in which they can stand up against the cycle of insensitivity.

Written and produced by four-time Emmy nominee, Jill Nesi, Her Song, debuted at the Ivoryton Playhouse in May 2017 with outstanding reviews from educators and students alike. The SUSO SHOWCASE (concert version of the musical) will be performed at Schools and Communities throughout Connecticut during this current school year.

The Connecticut Commission on Women, Children and Seniors along with Stand Up and Speak Out CT, want to foster empathy and connections through the arts. Far too often, our youth feel excluded and disconnected from their peers, schools and communities, which has led to increased mental health illness and rising suicide rates.  This life-changing musical, will cast youth from each community in which it is held, featuring children of all ages.